Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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Reign XLVII Election Results

Here are the results of our summer 2016 elections and our incoming officers.

Greetings Pegasus Valley.

The results of the crown election are as follows:
Bai Hu is our new monarch with 6 votes yes and 2 no confidence
Balder is our new regent with 7 votes yes and 1 no confidence
Xantcha is our new champion (I was corrected that champion is not an elected position but It was in the ballots so here are the numbers) 7 votes yes 1 vote no confidence
Kierra remains our heiress apparent with 8 votes yes and 0 no confidence

Thank you for voting!

- Anthros, Chancellor of Pegasus Valley

Declaration for PV regent

Hi folk, this last year as monarch has been great and I look forward to serving PV from a new position. After putting some thought into it I have decided at this time my skills are most suited for regent; so this is my declaration to run for the position of regent in the coming fall/winter reign.

- Marquis Squire Balder Lance Stroke

Northern New Mexico Amtgard

Check out the new site for Amtgard in Northern New Mexico for up to date information on what is happening in the area.

Calendar Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Calendar for TriPark Area:

13th Storm Fall Mesa DM/WM
19/20th: Santa Fe Ren Faire
20th Storm Fall Mesa Midreign
26th Chainmaille Class at PV with Styxx
27th TriPark Day Wyrm Spire

11th: Recruitment Day Wyrm Spire
23rd - 25th: Santa Fe Comic Con
24th Hat Class at PV with Alucard
25th Tripark Day at Storm Fall Mesa
31st Halloween Monster Bash at PV!

1st Storm Fall Mesa Crown Quals Cultural Events
6th-7th Maize Maze- Dragonspine Coronation
8th Storm Fall Mesa Crown Quals Fighting Event
14th PV WM/DM
15th Elections at SFM
15th: Recruitment Day Wyrm Spire
21st Bai Hu Relic Quest PV, Stick Weaving Class by Lila
28th TriPark Day Pegasus Valley
29th: Wyrm Spire Crown Quals

6th: Wyrm Spire Coronation, SFM Coronation
12th Pegasus Valley Midreign TENTATIVE
19th Kierra Relic Quest PV
27th TriPark Day Wyrm Spire

January 2016
9th Kriv's Relic Quest
31st TriPark Day at Storm Fall Mesa

6th Crown Quals PV
28th TriPark Day at Pegasus Valley

5th Pegasus Valley Coronation

Quals 8/8/2015

Results for Crown Quals, 8/8/2015. Heavy rain ended park day early, written entries and judge's booklets were ruined by water. Entrants have been strongly encouraged to submit written entries into Storm Fall Mesa's Dragonmaster next month.

Althing Minutes - 7/18/2015

Althing Minutes July 18, 2015
Clan announcement made, gave notice of the tri park meet up with DS proper for our Road Map to Principality/Confederation status with SFM and WS.
A chance was given to the populace for public declarations: None were made.
The date for the next Tri Park meet up was discussed for the end of August to keep from disturbing folks plans for Clan.
Dame Lila announced that she will once again be the Kingdom Food Fight Rep for Dragonspine and also asked for a volunteer for the Local Duchy Rep.
Finally there was an announcement for a vote in 3 weeks (August 8th) for the use of Duchy funds to go towards Coronation Feast.

In service,
Ducal Monarch Lady Amatiel-Cassandra

Other Notes
At Clan it was announced that Lord Bai Hu will be the Local Duchy Rep for Food Fight to start in September.
Due to sudden aquaphobia the Althing to vote for funds for Coronation Feast was post-poned and will happen this Saturday August 15th.
Also, sorry for the delay I got distracted and forgot to post this after the althing was held.

My bad,
Ducal Monarch Amatiel-Cassandra

Public Declarations for Office in PV

I, Kierra, declare for the position of Heir Apparent. I need to practice for running for office, and this position is perfect to help me learn how to and what is required.

I, Baifu, formally declare for the office of GMR. We have some fabulous games for the upcoming reign and having some good reeves available will make it more fun.

I, Kriv, declare for the position of Heir Apparent. I want the experience as a leader, I believe that having that experience in Amtgard is important. I also want to create and run battlegames during this upcoming reign.

I, Baron Squire Balder Lance Stroke, declare my intent to run for the office of Duke in Pegasus Valley for this upcoming Fall/Winter reign.

I, Dakkenly, declare my intentions to run for the position of Regent in Pegasus Valley for this upcoming Fall/Winter reign. I have a lot of roleplaying material lined up, and am a strong supporter of a Star Wars theme. I have also created a calendar for all PV related events, and will keep it updated as new things are coordinated. For my regent duties, I have plans for feasts during this reign, for which I have a group of experienced cooks, as well as coordinating Arts and Sciences with our current Prime Minister and a plan to combine arts and sciences meetings with Stormfall Mesa.

I, Belthil declare my intent to run for Champion.

Meetup and Northern New Mexico

Greetings from Tal Dagore.

I have a paid Meetup account for the local groups up here, but it comes with 2 extra Meetups so I've set one up for Northern New Mexico. If you haven't used Meetup before, it's a tool for discovering groups of people in your area with similar interests and meeting them to do things. The New Mexico Amtgard meetup is located at:

I've invited a few people on to the group to get things setup, but what makes this really work is getting everyone involved. I need a few things from everyone. It's just a little bit of work, but it is important for attracting more people online.

  1. RSVP to meetings that you are going to go to anyway. New people seeing that there are 10-30 people already going makes it much more friendly than it looking like only one other person will be there.
  2. Post a photo of what happened that week. People that are on the fence about going or not need the extra touches. Even if only a couple people do this each week, it is a huge benefit.
  3. Answer questions from new/prospective players.

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