Choosing a name

As a member of Amtgard you need to have a name for your character or persona. Every persona must be either of an ancient, medieval, or swords and sorcery related background.

A persona should be based on people who could have lived before 1650 AD. The name, weapons, clothing, etc. are encouraged to be historically correct. Do not impersonate a historical figure.

The persona should be based on a book, movie, historical mythology, or a unique creation of your own. Do not impersonate a character from the medium you choose.

Things to avoid
Avoid names such as "Shadow", "Wolf", or "Raven" that are incredibly common. As of this writing there are 186 players in the ORK that have Shadow in their name somewhere.

Dark/Light/Black/White + Animal.

Don't take too long choosing a name. A nameless player is likely to just be named by the other players. We have wound up as such gems as "Goon" and "Frenchy" as nicknames from other players.

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