Getting a costume

After your first month a costume or "garb" is required to participate in battlegames. The simplest option is demonstrated by John Rambo in this video as he makes a tabard.

Basic garb is easy to do if you have access to a sewing machine. If you don't, there are machines available at most Arts & Sciences meetings and people that are willing to teach you how to use them.

Tabard: The most simple garb, a rectangle with a hole in it for your head. Usually held down with a belt or sash around your waist.

T-Tunic: Only slightly more complex than a tabard. A loose fitting T-shirt can be used for a pattern.

Belt: A simple strip of leather with a metal ring attached to the end is the type of belt that most wear during battlegames. A bit of paint or carving can make a basic belt look very nice.

Sash: A strip of cloth at least 2" wide that runs from hip to shoulder to indicate which class you are playing during a battlegame. No sewing is necessary, but a bit of work can make them look very nice.

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WOW!!! that is one of the finest garb tutorials i have ever seen.

"Qian li zhi xing, shi yu zu xia," "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. "


Yeah so, does it really matter if we wear a tunic or not? Because my whole outfit is pretty much rabbit fur. :O

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Well, you *should* wear garb. What garb you wear is really up to you, for the most part. The tunic is just the standard "garb shirt", but if you have something else to wear then that's fine, as long as it's garb.

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*sniggers so i don't get in

*sniggers so i don't get in trouble*
this is, by far, the most hilarious of tutorials that i have seen in ages!!!


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So, what you do is, cut the head off your enemy and then cut out his torso skin. You now have a tabard and if you are one of those picky types, make a belt out of their braided hair. Additonal assets sold seperately.

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John Ranbo owns

he just does


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