First day at the park

When you arrive
When you arrive at the park you should seek out a group officer or the Marshall to get your new player form signed and turned in. If you haven't had the new player form turned in and signed, you will not be able to fight.

Next the Marshall or an assistant will cover some of the basics of fighting before turning you loose to kill people. Topics covered are usually shot placement, what is a legal hit, and a basic defensive stance. Once the Marshall is confident that you understand the basics they will let you fight.


Before you start playing in any of the games you need to sign-in. The sign-in sheet is usually on one of the tables and is used to determine class credits for leveling. It takes 12 credits to gain a level in a class. New players do not need to choose a class for the first four weeks so they can try different classes out, but you must still sign-in so those weeks can be transferred to the class you choose.


Ditching is one of the two battles that happen every week. In ditching, 2 teams line up near each other and fight with melee weapons. The winning team loses the first person that died to the losing team. There are no lives or death counts in this game, everyone joins back in at the beginning of each round.

A lot of fights happen in a short period of time so ditching is often used for practice and a warm up.

Class battles

There are one or two class battles each weekend unless there is a special event. In class battles, 2 teams fight using class abilities, melee weapons, projectiles, armor, and magic. Most class battles are played until one team "shatters" the other team, killing them until they are out of lives or some sort of team objective is met.

When playing in your first class battles, pick a partner on your team to stick with. Having a veteran player can keep you from being singled out by enemies and can answer your rules questions when they come up. If you can, find someone that is playing a class that you are interested in so you can see how it works at higher levels.

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