An archive of newsletters for the Albuquerque & Santa Fe Amtgard chapters.

Horsefeathers is Pegasus Valley's newsletter.
The Maw is the newsletter of Dragon's Tooth.

I will try to collect as many as I can and post them here. If you have files or hardcopies of any missing newsletters, please send them to Glenalth so they can be archived here.

2009-02 Horsefeathers v17i1 (PDF)2.77 MB
2008-12 Horsefeathers v16i1 (PDF)854.25 KB
2007-09 Horsefeathers (PDF)1.92 MB
2007-08Horsefeathers (PDF)336.28 KB
2007-07 Horsefeathers (PDF)162.3 KB
2007-06 Horsefeathers (PDF)253.32 KB
2007-05 Horsefeathers (PDF)448.61 KB
2007-04 Horsefeathers (PDF)446.81 KB
2007-03 Horsefeathers (PDF)358.18 KB
2004-03 The Maw (PDF)357.98 KB
2001-07 Horsefeathers, Gathering of the Clans Special Edition (PDF)281.95 KB
1999-10 Horsefeathers (PDF)72.36 KB
1998-09 Ork Teef, Harvest War Editon (PDF)150.65 KB
1998-03 Horsefeathers, Midreign Issue (PDF)535.92 KB
1997-11 Horsefeathers (PDF)533.98 KB
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Just added the Summer 2007 newsletters that Exedor sent me.

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