Harvest of Souls War XVI


Who: Duchy of Pegasus Valley
What: Harvest of Souls War XVI, Coronation Event
When: Friday, September 2nd through Monday, September 5th (three nights)
Where: RV Rally Site, Caballo State Park, Caballo, NM
How much?: $5 per person (paid to PV)+ NM State Park Facility Use Fee (paid at the “tollbooth”)

Theme: By sheer coincidence, this year’s Harvest War is in keeping with our Majesty Queen Annabelle’s theme of Robin Hood. Our theme this year is Disney’s Robin Hood, with animals running amok!

We will have several themed battlegames centered around the attainment of gold, either to aid or relieve the Monarchy of their vast troves of gold! There are whisperings of a possible ransom, but our spies have yet to confirm this.

There will also be an Archery competition, small team games, and a “Bring Your Best” A&S Competition. For the BYB competition, bring your ONE BEST A&S entry made within the last year for judging. First place will be rewarded for the Archery and BYB competitions.

For the children, we will be providing arts and crafts materials for constructing projects at the covered pavilion. Also at the pavilion, we will have board and card games, such as chess, cribbage, and Three Dragon Ante.
During the event, gather as many coins as you can to acquire a reward from our great Monarch.

We look forward to seeing you at our Fall Coronation Feast. If you have any questions regarding this year’s Harvest of Souls Coronation Event, you can reach me at lilavonweiss@yahoo.com.

In Service to the Dream,
Countess Squire Lila von Weiss
Harvest of Souls XVI Autocrat

Additional Event Info

Lila von Weiss

Event Location: 

RV Rally Site, Caballo State Park, Caballo, NM

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