Guild Standings

Guild PV Renown X Renown X Renown Total
Archer 5 x x 5
Assassin 285 x x 285
Barbarian 0 x x 0
Bard 0 x x 0
Druid 0 x x 0
Healer 40 x x 40
Monk 50 x x 50
Scout 25 x x 25
Warrior 125 x x 125
Wizard 0 x x 0
Monster 0 x 95 95
Color 0 x x x

Guild Renown Rules and Information.

General Guild Renown Rules

  • Renown is gained through completing objectives in and out of game.
  • Guilds accrue guild levels as they gain more renown.
  • Renown is tracked separately for each guild.
  • Renown totals and guild levels will be published each week.
  • A player may gain the benefits of a guild's renown level as long as they have signed in as and are currently playing that class.

Guild Renown Granting Objectives

  • Collection items bartered to faction leaders between games
  • Being awarded "Look The Part" at the beginning of a game by the monarch
  • Attending Fighter Practice, Arts & Sciences meetings, demos, and other group functions
  • Solving puzzles, riddles, and ciphers posted by faction leaders and their minions
  • Some storyline objectives
  • Donating magic items to the Duchy for it's defense
  • Donating dangerous items to the Duchy for the safety of the citizens
  • For doing awesome things

General Collection Item Rules

  • Must be dropped when dead during a game
  • May be hidden during a game
  • Do not have to be announced when asked during a game
  • Must be on person when game is called or they are considered lost
  • Between games, items may be bartered but not stolen

Available Factions

  • Duchy of Pegasus Valley, Leader Glenalth
    • Level 1: 0 renown
      • Nothing, absolutely nothing
    • Level 2: 250 renown
      • 25% discount at Tradewings
    • Level 3: 750 renown
      • One free trinket from Tradewings for each active guild member.
      • Free recharge/refill each calendar month
    • Level 4: 2500 renown
      • All guild members are granted Ancient Magics from the Duchy's vaults. These work as long as the members are playing the class.
        • Archers: Sharpshooter's Kit
        • Assassin: Grandmaster's Mask
        • Barbarian: The Overlord’s Pouch of Herbs
        • Bard: Songweaver's Voice
        • Druid: Great Druid's Step
        • Healer: Avatar's Blessing
        • Monk: Ancient Prayer Beads
        • Scout: Ranger's Bandages
        • Warrior: Field Repair Kit
        • Wizard: Hat of the Archmage
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Mihr's Best Friend

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With this weekend, the Assassin's guild has achieved a new favor rank with Pegasus Valley and now has a 25% discount at Tradewings.

Mihr's Best Friend

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