Comet Item Rules

Pieces of the comet can be found in many places, are often rewards for quests, and are available in the Tradewings shop. Essences come in six types, Spirit, Death, Flame, Air, Water, and Earth. Essences must be captured by a team.

Making Items

The town sage will assist adventurers in imbuing power into your item, but you need three things. The first is an item that is large enough to contain the power (25 square inch minimum). The second is a captured elemental essence that has been deposited in the town sage’s vault. Finally you will need enough pieces of the comet’s tail to power the ritual to bind it all together.

Items can then be further upgraded two additional times. You can mix different essence types to customize your own item. This third tier of item can also gain powerful artifact level abilities if specialized recipes are followed. Comet imbuements may also be moved into a new item at the expense of more comet pieces.

Comet Item Rules

  • Comet items are considered to be a talisman.
  • Comet items that follow a Comet Artifact recipe are considered an artifact instead.
  • You may only use a single comet item at a time.
  • Comet items interfere with talismans and artifacts and may not be used at the same time.
  • Activated abilities of comet items are considered magic and require that you state “By the comet” before the incantation, but otherwise function normally.
  • Item costs
    • 1st tier: 10 comet pieces, 1 essence
    • 2nd tier: 20 comet pieces, 1 essence
    • 3rd tier: 30 comet pieces, 1 essence
    • 10-50% discount for items that look the part

Comet Talisman Effects

  • Spirit - Purple
    • T1 - Blessing Against Wounds (self) 1/game
    • T2 - Release 1/refresh
    • T3 - Heal 1/life
  • Death - Black
    • T1 - Poison (self) 1/game
    • T2 - Steal Life Essence 1/refresh
    • T3 - Ravage 1/life
  • Flame - Orange
    • T1 - Equipment is immune to Flame
    • T2 - Heat Weapon 1/refresh
    • T3 - Pyrotechnics 1/refresh
  • Water - Sea Green
    • T1 - Bear Strength (self) 1/game
    • T2 - Icy Blast 1/refresh
    • T3 - Empower (self) 1/life
  • Earth - Brown
    • T1 - Barkskin (self) 1/game
    • T2 - Planar Grounding 1/refresh
    • T3 - Mend 1/life
  • Air - Blue
    • T1 - Protection from Projectiles (self or other) 1/game
    • T2 - Blink 1/refresh
    • T3 - Shove 1/life

Comet Artifact Recipes

  • Ascending Item

    • Recipe: T1 Spirit / T2 Spirit / T3 Spirit
    • Material Component: A purple item with white rays of light.
    • Quest:
      • Radiant Halo: You may make a single request for aid from any angelic creatures that are present.
    • Effects:
      • When you are the target of Resurrect, it instead functions as per Greater Resurrect.
        May not be the target of Undead Minion, Greater Undead Minion, Vampirism, or Steal Life Essence.
      • Mass Healing unlimited
    • Penalty:
      • You may not use magic or abilities of the Spirit school on yourself except for Mass Healing.
  • Murdering Item

    • Recipe: T1 Death / T2 Death / T3 Death
    • Material Component: A black item with white outlines of bones.
    • Quest:
      • Covered in Blood: Good natured NPCs and monsters are intimidated by you. Benevolent monsters may treat you as hostile.
    • Effects:
      • Steal Life Essence, unlimited on kill trigger
    • Penalties:
      • You may not use the recharge incantation. You cannot be healed in any way, except through Steal Life Essence.
  • Incinerating Item

    • Recipe: T1 Flame / T2 Flame / T3 Flame
    • Material Component: A red item with white outlines of fire.
    • Quest:
      • Burning Aura: Botanical monsters and monsters with a connection with plants will not come near you or attack you unless attacked first. You are considered to be carrying a torch at all times.
    • Effects:
      • True Grit, unlimited with the limitation that it may only be used if you are killed by flame effects.
      • Enchantments that you carry from the Flame school are considered Persistent.
    • Penalties:
      • Iceball will wound you in any location it strikes in addition to the normal effects.
      • Water terrain will wound you upon entering and every 10 seconds afterward.
  • Flowing Item

    • Recipe: T1 Water / T2 Water / T3 Water
    • Material Component: A sea green item with a white outline of waves
    • Quest:
      • Liquid Flexibility: You are able to squeeze through smaller gaps than normal and you have an advantage when dealing with non-hostile aquatic creatures.
    • Effects:
      • Player ignores the effects of the “Water” terrain type.
      • Equipment: Weapon, Hinged x2
      • Immunity: Stun
      • Immunity: Entangle
      • Heal unlimited, self only
    • Penalties:
      • Any frozen state that you are given is doubled in duration.
  • Crystallizing Item

    • Recipe: T1 Earth / T2 Earth / T3 Earth
    • Material Component: A brown item with a white outline of a crystal lattice.
    • Quest:
      • Earth shell: Player creates a barrier around themselves and anyone touching them that lasts for 2 minutes. The barrier blocks everything. 1/game.
    • Effects:
      • While you are frozen, you are immune to Shatter and similar abilities.
      • You gain one additional use of each ability that causes the frozen state that you already have.
      • All armor worn is affected as per Imbue Armor.
    • Penalties:
      • Any wounds from an armor breaking weapon cause you to die.
  • Flying Item

    • Recipe: T1 Air / T2 Air / T3 Air
    • Material Component: A blue item with a white outline of clouds.
    • Quest:
      • Light Footed: An unnatural lightness prevents you from activating traps and gives you an advantage when jumping.
    • Effects:
      • While insubstantial you are immune to abilities that would harm you or force you to move against your will.
      • Destruction Arrow - 1 arrow/unlimited (ex). (Does not grant the use of a bow)
      • Blink 1/life
    • Penalties:
      • Shove, Throw, and similar abilities force you to move twice as far.
        Planar Grounding will wound you in addition to the normal effects.
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